The Secret to making Big Profits on Sports Betting is finally here……………..


……..and is simple. Every bet you place, make sure you are taking value odds. It’s a fact that it’s the only thing you need to make a consistent profit. Knowing that is one thing, making sure you are getting it is another. So, the big question always is, how do you know when your bet is value??


Review of : True Odds Sports
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Definition : Provides what they say are the actual odds, rather than the bookmaker odds, of hundreds of bets each day across 6 major sports and 90 odd Soccer Leagues.


“”True odds are the actual odds of an event happening, while payout odds are bookmakers opinions plus weight of money…. Probability of winning a bet on a single number in French roulette is 1/37, so true odds of winning on a single number bet are 1:36. But the payout odds are set at 35:1″”


We have recently been testing out and using True Odds Sports before placing our bets and, have to say, very impressed so far with the odds info we are receiving from this site. They claim that their odds are as close to True Odds for an event to happen as possible by a highly algorithmic and statistical method that their software uses and pumps out their data from.

Anyone with even a passing interest in placing a bet knows that you need to know True Value to justify putting your money down. This, so far, is the tool we have been waiting a long time for and has given us some valuable insight into confirming our bets are good for the gamble to go ahead. After 3 weeks there is a very noticeable difference in our P & L.


Loads of positives to using this too :

  • Over 90 Football Leagues from all over the World


  • MLB / NHL / ATP and WTA Tennis / NFL and NBA. – All the sports we can look to make big money on, absolutely fantastic coverage from these guys.


  • There are literally thousands of bets to choose from each day as every match is covered for, the win / Over – Under’s / Asian H’capping / Correct Scores and plenty more.


  • It is not a Tipster site with one or two bets which every member will follow which is even better. With so many available types of bets there is no danger of 1 or 2 prices being affected as there are so many types of bets that they cover. You can take your pick of which league and type of bet you like to stick too.


  • They have a performance stats page, which I don’t have any reason to doubt given what we have seen so far and it being a proper legit site.  It shows some great figures over a long period of time on their Soccer odds.



There is some really good free stuff on the Homepage, EPL / Bundesliga and WTA tennis to test out if it is what you are looking for. Safe to say, we were looking for something like this for a long time and never found anything that really worked. I’m sure there are many others in the same boat so could turn out be a revolutionary site. Glad we came across and got on board with this as soon as we have.

The complete and full access Membership is only £35 a month so a tiny price to pay when it comes to improving our P & L. There are also 3, 6 and yearly prices which turn out cheaper per month. We have gone for the yearly after the results we have seen, even this early.  Whichever way your betting is going, it will either boost your profits big time or cut your losses, at the very least.

So, safe to say this site will become a bigger part of our betting from now on and I’m sure, as we use it more, we will see more and more areas we can take advantage of when it comes to bookmakers marking up prices which are way out.



Recommendation : True Odds Sports is the kind of tool we have been waiting for when it comes to trying to establish what exactly is the true price in a sporting event. Getting value is the way to profits so we are really excited to continue to look for areas we can pinpoint to attack certain Bookie prices with this site. If you are looking to make a bet I would certainly recommend you check out the price first on here.  For what it costs per month you’ll easily make it up, whatever your betting levels are.



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