The Holy Grail of Sports betting is here…….. ………True Odds Sports…………
The concept of finding the True Odds of an event are largely overlooked by many bettors leaving many bets gamblers make down to pure guesswork.  This plays in to the bookies hands as they have all the statisticians doing the math for them.  However, their prices are not just down to the odds they come up with but other factors such as weight of money.  This leaves a nice gap for bettors who use True Odds to decide if the odds they are receiving are value ones.  
BUT, How Do  You Know………!!
NOW, after years of adapting our software by some very bright minds we are now happy to release our True Odds Stats to our Members with True Odds Sports in the knowledge that this is as close to the statistical True Odds you can get of an event happening.  Anyone in any way serious about making a profit with their betting should first of all know if the price they are receiving is a value one. 
Though no-one can win every bet, the one thing that bettors need to do is bet Value.  It is the Golden Ticket, The Holy Grail of betting. As our analysis of all our Soccer Leagues over the last 10 years shows, even blindly backing the value (home/draw/away) in every single game, the profits are here to see.  This does not include all the other types of True Odds we show, Under – Over / Total goals / BTTS / Correct Score and more.  And this is before you even get to our other True Odds on Tennis / MLB / NFL / Ice Hockey / NBA and more.  All in over 100 leagues across all these sports and a number of Odds for each one.  The choice is amazing and provides each bettor so many different angles to each match that you won’t have to worry about one price being affected if going with a Tipster.
Even if True Odds helps you cut out the really bad bets this will provide really boost your P & L, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you are at least betting value.  If you’re always betting value you’ll be way ahead of the competition.  The info in this site will easily more than pay it’s own way, many, many times over.  You will see an immediate improvement in your P & L over a short period of time and particularly over the longer term by using this correctly and making sure your bet is a value one.
Try True Odds Sports FREE material on the Homepage with EPL, Bundesliga and WTA Tennis.  See the Power to your winnings that True Odds Sports can bring.

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